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Files Pro Your documents available anywhere.

Files screenshot

For detailed connection instructions,
and FAQs see here.

Videos demonstrating connection from Mac and Windows are available.

Files requires a Wi-Fi or USB connection for file transfer.

Files allows you to store and view files on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Connect to Files via Wi-Fi from any Mac or PC and drag and drop files straight from the Finder or Windows Explorer, as you would with any other shared folder. In fact any client which understands the WebDAV protocol can connect to Files.

Set a passcode to secure local access to Files, and a username and password to secure remote access.

Files supports viewing of most common file types, including most Microsoft Office documents, PDF, RTF and RTFD documents, images, text, html, movie and audio files. You can quickly and easily read documents and view images, all fullscreen and in portrait or landscape mode. Zoom and pan via the standard pinch and swipe gestures.

Add bookmarks to longer documents; use search to find and filter files easily; delete unwanted documents with a simple swipe and tap; set a username and password to secure your data; Files has it all covered.

With Files you can take documents with you wherever your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch goes, view them and transfer them easily to any compatible Mac or PC.

Available from the App Store

Connecting to Files

You can connect to Files from the Finder in
Mac OS X or from Windows Explorer in XP, Vista or Windows 7.

For detailed connection instructions see the FAQ.

Finder window Windows explorer

Browsing Files

Browsing files and folders is simple. Documents are easily identified via their icon; file size and date is displayed just under the filename; filenames shrink to fit the screen, so you can see as much as possible.

Browsing files

Filter Files

Filter files by name or extension via the built in search facilty

Files search

Manage Files

Perform actions such as move, copy, zip, unzip and email by tapping the folder list "action" button.

File management


Files' custom audio player will automatically play through a folder of audio files, or you can move back and forward manually.

Audio player

Internet Browser

Use Files' built-in web browser to access the web and download documents or email attachments.

Web Browser


Files' built-in Help is just a tap away; connection instructions, features and settings are all described.

File Help

Viewing Files

View supported files in portrait or landscape mode; the toolbars slide in and out with a tap on the window.
The quick scroll bar in allows you to jump quickly to any page in a document and auto-hides when not required.

Files has its own PDF viewer, with support for large documents, content search, thumbnails, password protection, table-of-contents, and the best support for detecting and zooming into regions of any other viewer on the App Store.

View documents

Cloud Services

Use Files to view your documents stored in the cloud. We support Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive. You can read, move, copy, upload, download and sync your documents and perform most other standard actions.

Dropbox view


Send documents as email attachments right from Files using your standard email account and smtp server.



Add bookmarks to your documents so that you can quickly return to interesting sections.
Also, Files will automatically remember where you last left off reading and return there when you next view the document.

Add Bookmark

Go to Page

Use the Go To Page feature to quickly jump to any page in a document.

Go To Page


Secure remote access by setting a username and password.
Set a passcode lock to secure local access to Files.

Files search


Images are beautifully displayed in Files. By default they fit to your screen, but double-tap the image and it will zoom to 100%. Pinch to zoom and drag your finger to pan, just like in iPhoto.
Browse through images from the viewer, or enjoy a slideshow with various transition options.
Files will automatically generate image thumbnails in the file list viewer.

Viewing images